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TBA Presents: Benjamin Michel

Benjamin Michel was born in Irvington, New Jersey, USA. For Benjamin, the arts have long been an integral part of his rich culture and upbringing. Much of his familial roots are from Haiti and he is related to the popular Caribbean musician, Roger Colas, and Pras Michel of the Fugees. His early passions were in the fine arts, primarily drawing and painting. As he grew into his late teens and learned about the value of images through photography, he gravitated to the cinema. 

Film Synopsis:
Henrik Sertima is a nerdy budding photographer planning to invent and distribute a unique line of film cameras ordained with ancient Egyptian symbols. In the midst of an ordinary day with his friend Kevin, he sees a supernatural vision. Their whole world is turned upside down after this revealing experience. As Henrik makes progress with his inventions the visions intensify. He becomes determined to find out what these visions mean and what he must do. I AM A GOD: Prologue is a magically surreal story of self discovery summoning ancient truths.

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