The Black Aesthetic Team and About Page

The Black Aesthetic Team 

The Black Aesthetic is a curatorial collective,

whose mission is to curate a collective understanding of Black visual culture.

By working with artists, writers, filmmakers, and designers. We cultivate work that asks our audience to consider their relationship to Black art. Based in Oakland, we are invested in developing a community who will participate and engage with our mission. When you support The Black Aesthetic, you are actively supporting a network of Black Artists.Through film screenings, and publications we want to add to a growing collection of artistic visions that are grounded in place, body, and lived-experience.



Malika "Ra" Imhotep

Malika "Ra" Imhotep is a black feminist writer/root worker from Atlanta, GA currently pursuing a doctoral degree in African American and African Diaspora Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.  Her thinking engages black femme performance aesthetics and cultural production throughout the Black Diaspora. Her creative praxis is invested in a textual and performative enjoyment of undisciplined movement, the historical present, black obscenities, black spiritual practices and other blackityblk happenings.


Jamal Batts

Jamal Batts is a doctoral student in the Department of African American Studies at UC Berkeley, with a Designated Emphasis in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. His work considers representations of morbidity, death, and disease in black and queer performance and visual culture.


Leila Weefur

Leila Weefur lives and works in Oakland, CA. Weefur received her MFA from Mills College in 2016. She Uses video and printmaking to investigate the phenomenology of Blackness. With materials and visual gestures that access the tactile memory she explores the abject, the sensual and the nuance found in the social interactions and language with which our bodies have to negotiate space. She is a recipient of the Hung Liu award, the Murphy & Cadogan award, and recently completed an artist fellowship at Kala Art Institute. Weefur has exhibited her work in local and national galleries including Southern Exposure and SOMArts Gallery in San Francisco, Betti Ono in Oakland, and Smack Mellon in Brooklyn, New York. She is the Audio and Video, Editor In Chief at Art Practical

The Black Aesthetic was founded in 2016 by former members Ryanaustin Dennis and Christian Johnson.